Are you sure Sho is happy?

Because he couldn't kill me, I killed him.


You shouldn't be driving.

Emails have started suddenly disappearing from my inbox.

I don't think preschoolers should be watching that much TV.

She's very impressionable.

You have, no doubt, heard of our company.

In summer, the girls usually go swimming either at the river or at the park.

I am at a loss to know what Taro means.


Jason said that Jun helped him.

For the first time in ages, I slept late.

Does that ring a bell?

We have issues we have to deal with.

John will not answer the question.


You can change them if you like.

The Board of Education governs the schools.

He was tired from walking round museums.


The weather was perfect yesterday.

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Jaime isn't that different.

Patrick doesn't watch TV at all.

Finally, I finished a painting.

They sent agents to agitate the local people.

The little girl stumbled up the stairs.

I tend to agree.

We're not safe.

I have another problem as well.

I weigh 70 kilos, give or take a few kilos.

Wes wants me to believe him.

He dotes on his grandson.

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I'm not going to let Irfan hurt you again.

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We see each other every day.

He'll make a good husband.

How long are you staying here?

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I've hurt my ankle.

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He deserves better.

The sons are loved by the parents.

He receives a high salary.

How does that affect me?

The next meeting will take place in a few days.


Cristi visited Yvonne.

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You shouldn't swim in that pond.


She's always on the go.


An obsession with novelty is causing wine drinkers to reject some of the finest traditional grape varieties in their search for exclusivity in the form of little known and rare wines.

Nobody likes a sore loser.

Brooke can't get rid of his cough.

I should be at home right now.

I'm dreadfully sorry.


We got that figured out.

Willie and Moran aren't going to be happy about it.

Sjouke says he'll only talk to you.

We'll leave when you're ready.

I can't help feeling something's not quite right.

Please book a room for her.

Dominic is pretty shaken up.

It was a group effort.

The roads are dirty.

Though Jenine went to the salon, it would have been better if he'd hurried back.

I heard that Werner is back in town.

I'm not Jewish, but my father is.

I wanted to surprise them.

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Let's hurry so that we can catch the bus.

Ritalynne said we needed to keep trying.

Could you lend me some money?

Lana wrote a book about a young man who, in the distant future, falls in love with an extraterrestrial girl, during an invasion of the earth.

You won't make it, not even in your dreams.

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This car runs on alcohol.


After you have taken a rest, you must carry on your study.


Wounds heal, scars remain.

Who could've done this?

Now, wait a minute.


Timothy is smart and hardworking.


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?


Cats hate to get wet.

The price hasn't changed in years.

I wish I hadn't married Alejandro.

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I wish I could buy you everything you wanted.

Don't play poker with him.

That bridge across this river is the oldest in the town.

May I ask what you're working on?

I watched Spudboy carefully.

Have you ever been to a foreign country?

I looked at him.

Did you receive his invitation?

Whatever he asks you, you mustn't answer.

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We'll never live this fiasco down.

Let me google that for you.

Nothing seems to grow in this soil.

There's one in Swedish also.

He fled his country.

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I got hurt while running.

Francois was put to death finally.

Get him on the phone.

That's all they had.

His hat looked very funny.

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Barton found an old safe in his garage.

I'll make a little money, and Mr White will never know.

All of a sudden the sky became overcast.

I met a friend there.

This is a step in the right direction.

I was able to sell my used car for 100 dollars.

Are you fond of swimming?

Some people are good talkers and others good listeners.

Cindy didn't have a girlfriend.

Hsi said Rick was the one who told him that.

You said you didn't care.


She speaks not only German and French, but English as well.


There are many houses destroyed by the earthquake.

It's gotten easier.

Rummaging around in boxes, I stumbled upon an old family photo.

If you're going away for a day, take food for three days.

This reminds me of a girl.

We've always been friends.

I voted for her.

The firm's decision to lay off a number of workers was made more palatable by the payment of severance benefits to the affected workers and reassurances that they would be retrained for other jobs.

I'm keeping count.


That's why you love me.

My ears are ringing.

Mikey doesn't have any common sense.


I ate toast for breakfast.

Where are we going tomorrow?

Rex won't stop until he gets what he wants.


Blake is interested in Celeste.

Nothing seems to work.

Would you please tell her to give me a call later on?


Maybe Murph will just leave us alone.

Come on, hurry up!

All houses are supposed to be habitable.


If I had to sum up your attitude in one word, it would be arrogance.

The Oscar ceremonies are Hollywood's biggest extravaganza.

Are you with us or against us?


I'm going for help.

The young man who is speaking is my brother.

Are you on the committee?

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There was silence for a moment.


What's the answer to my question?

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How do you think it went?

I see him on occasion.

The computer is undoubtedly a valuable tool.


Why did you tell them first?

Carter is the manager of the club.

Loneliness is the lot of all outstanding spirits.

I prefer the blue one over the red one.

What do you suggest I do?

Beyond the novel we come to works whose avowed aim is information.

They lived together for two years before they got married.

Jarmo started feeling insecure.

Nobody swims in this pool after 8:00 p.m.

My knowledge of French is still very limited, but I'm keen to learn.

I have no idea who she is.

You have no proof.

Please adopt this puppy.


One of the buttons on my raincoat got torn off.

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Lowell hates shopping.

I'm not asking her.

Apart from languages, I'm also interested in technology.

Jwahar asked me to do it.

I've been to Boston more than once.

I think online dating isn't safe.

Did Ima say anything else?


Why are you asking me about this?