He arrived an hour late, which annoyed me very much.

He asked her where she lived.


The timing was impeccable.

Since she often played at the casino, she always needed money.

I stopped and looked behind me.

What possible difference could that make?

Let me give you a hug.

Why is there sawdust on the floor?

It's hard to forget what happened.

They were needed in South America.

He is enjoying his school life.

I forgot to ask Gordon what time he was planning on getting here.

He stole a very valuable diamond ring.

Why are you so pale today?

This may change next year.

Why don't you hire a private detective?

Please visit me.

I don't know whether it's right or not.

Tandy is barely alive.


She folded it in paper.

He's smarter than her.

I stopped being mad at you a long time ago.

Cole couldn't help but like Hillel.

He had the appearance of a sportsman.


I don't think anything changes.

He's eating lunch now.

There wasn't much sugar in the pot.

Marci is really getting tired of this.

She denied that she had stolen anything.

I'm having a rough day.

I think he really likes me.


She won a phone.

They are cutting loose.

Are you sure that's safe?

How do you know about that?

The biologists used a hydrophone to record whale calls.


Edith was afraid to swim.

I'm getting a little drunk.

What's another word for 'thesaurus'?

Please accept my condolences.

He earns his living by teaching.

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Currently, he's our best batter.

Win drove his car to Boston.

I wish you were wrong, but I know you're right.

There are no towels.

I'm never free on Mondays.

You divided the bread into two pieces, didn't you?

I heard a beautiful song yesterday.

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How deep is too deep?

Glenn has a powerful grip.

I think things will work out.

The operation had to be kept secret.

No one threatened them.

I think Ed liked it.

That's why we have to fight.


So, can I ask you guys something?

They're eating apples.

Don't figure on going abroad this summer.

Are you for or against abortions?

Man is the measure of all things.

Amigo moved to San Diego.

Our solar system is elliptical in shape. That means it is shaped like an egg.

In my life I have been a negotiator for contracts.

Did you ever hear of such a thing?

Serdar grabbed a handful of popcorn out of the bag and then handed it to Wendy.

The curtains are fluttering in the wind.


That's interesting.

My grandfather takes medicine every day.

I felt the sweat trickle down my brow.

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If I read this book once more, I shall have read it three times.

There were a great many boys and girls in the park.

It was a trap.

She was weeping with pain.

What did you forget?

Pratt comes here almost every weekend.

She was angry. That is why she remained silent.

He conceded us the use of his yacht.

I wish we had more people like Brendan.

Yoshio resembles his mother in personality and his father in appearance.

Let's try calling him.

He was absent from school yesterday because he was sick.

Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse, was born on this day in 1925.

The ticket for your return journey has been arranged for.

He substituted the injured player.


You could at least take a shower.


That's sort of nice.

We need to leave.

He was standing by his brother.


I can't believe you stood me up.

Either we all go or nobody goes.

Get fucked!

I'm through with him.

He had his car stolen in broad daylight.


Many women in the world shave their armpits.


Clark was stuck in a crowded elevator.


Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

I've been crying a lot lately.

The teacher started class immediately after entering the classroom.


There are lots of things for us to think about.

I don't want those guys hunting me down.

It's a fledgling technology but it shows great promise.

Pets offer us more than mere companionship.

Sean learned how to play golf while he was living in Australia.

I want her gone by noon.

I don't know where your keys are.

Juan needs rest now.

I'm missing a sock.


I got up earlier to see you.

You're kidding, aren't you?

Taking the opportunity for President Obama to visit Japan as a state guest, the chief trade negotiators of Japan and the U.S. conducted a series of marathon meetings from midnight to early morning.


Stones don't swim.


Stay out of this, Susumu.

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You should not sit up late just because it has charm.

Wash your face.

I did my best to make friends with Steen.


He is having lunch.

I'm a cancer patient.

You can see them in the morning.


He lost his all.

Betty dreads going to work tomorrow.

"Hello." "..." "Are you on guard duty again today?" "Yes." "You don't talk much, right?" "No. ...Listen, I am a samurai. People expect noble reservation and iron self-discipline of me. That just leaves no room for small talk..."

Is everyone still alive?

Don't talk rot, Klaudia.

Pandora and I got to know each other quite well when we traveled together.

What is the purpose of life?


I don't think anyone would consider Margaret good-looking.

I don't engage in idle speculation.

We regard John as our leader.


I lost track of the time.

The bus is coming.

I'd like the most inexpensive room you have for four nights.

The plan gave rise to much trouble.

She's eating lunch right now.

You'll hardly feel this.

I asked her to make four copies of the letter.

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You see ghosts in the daylight.

Those really isn't happy to hear that.

Do you have any smaller ones?

What was the last station?

Hohn had no choice but to follow Tareq.

It took a long time for me to convince him that I was right.

I've learned a lot of French by watching movies in French.

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Could you check the tires?


Could I borrow your lawn mower?

The singer is known to everyone.

In November of 1963, Valentina Tereshkova married Andrian Nikolayev. He was also a cosmonaut. Their daughter, Elena, was born in 1964.

There was a lot of furniture in the room.

I've had a headache since yesterday.


That is no fault of Bob's.

No one is talking.

Kris is the only one who doesn't know how to do this.

When did you know that your house was haunted?

I am anxious that nobody should be hurt.


The matter we're discussing is interesting.

Interest rates are going up.

We never talked about religion.

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I'm sure you'll understand all of this some day.

I don't speak Portuguese.

He set up a company recently.


On getting off the train, he was met by his cousin.


Did you have time to look over the report?

The bus stopped sharply.

Why did God create the universe?


Try to keep your eyes open.

An extremely terrible thing happened to him.

I'm dying to introduce you to my parents.